Möbel Fuchs

Stack Bed

  • comfy
  • quiet
  • natural
  • oversize
  • long-lasting
  • reparable
  • fair
The appearance of the Möbel Fuchs Stack Bed is the opposite of the American box spring bed: light, quiet, elegant.
At the same time it fulfils its purpose: the frame springs comfortably and ventilates the mattress.
The supporting framework has more to do with architecture than with furniture making.
The bed can be completely taken apart and easily survives house movings. All parts are easy to repair and replace.
On request we can also install the bed floating between two walls. Spans of up to 3 metres are possible with the same batten thickness.
Version Rough-Cut with zipties.

The Möbel Fuchs Stack Bed for extra-wide mattresses supports and springs comfortably over the entire span of the bed, whether you lie in the middle or on the edge. The unsupported construction transfers the weight to the corner feet of the frame. Even with spans of well over 2 metres, the delicate frame easily supports several people without a central foot.

Finally, this construction is quiet: Squeaking, such as that caused by the friction of loose metal fasteners in wood, is unlikely. The slatted frame runs in a longitudinal direction. Movements on one side are therefore only slightly transferred to the other.

Framework and slatted frame are easy to disassemble, transport and assemble. The wooden connections do not wear out during disassembly. The bed can easily withstand several house movings. All parts can easily be repaired or replaced.

Via the so-called Bessel points, the loads are optimally distributed over the thin battens. The entire frame bounces like a leaf spring. The deflection is even.
A conventional box based construction does not spring. Without a springy slatted frame, or on rigid frames such as pallets, etc., it feels as if the mattress were lying on the floor.
This flaw is compensated for by the slatted frame, which is often all the more flexible. However, it is not possible to bridge larger span widths. Double beds therefore always have a kind of supporting central foot, which significantly limits the sleeping comfort in the middle of the bed.
The same applies to a futon. It either does not bounce—similar to a box based construction—or only partially.
Load distribution to corner feet

Due to bevel lap joints the loosely stacked battens tend to slide back into position by design. This unconventional construction allows the wood to move freely. Solid wood expands differently depending on the humidity in the air, which can generally lead to tensions, cracks and unstable joints in conventional construction. The loose corner joints allow movement in all directions while remaining stable. For support, the battens are clamped with additional fasteners to prevent falling apart ultimately.

The entire framework is made of untreated solid wood. It is free of adhesives and the associated vapors (see particleboard, fiberboard, plywood etc.). The softwoods used are pleasantly flexible. For the planed version, we use FSC-certified pine wood from local forests. Other woods are also possible on request. For example ash wood is suitable because of its high flexibility. The rough sawn version is extremely material-saving. On the one hand, we use both the core and the sapwood of the trunk. On the other hand, a good half of the material is not lost during planing.

Möbel Fuchs produces independently in Berlin under pleasant working conditions.

Finish Rough Smooth
  Rough surface and edges with saw marks.
Exceptionally material-saving.
Planed smooth finish, softened edges, furniture quality.
Material Off-the-shelf roof battens of not exactly specified soft wood
(spruce, fir, pine)
Ash (springy) or local Pine (a bit firmer),
grown and processed in Brandenburg and Berlin
Fastener Zipties, white translucent Sleeve nuts and screws, brass-plated steel
Parts 12 Battens in cross-section 4 × 6 cm (framework)
24 to 48 Slats in cross-section 2,4 × 4,8 cm (slat frame)
Assembly instructions
12 Battens in cross-section 4 × 6 cm (framework)
24 to 48 Slats in cross-section 2,4 × 4,8 cm (slat frame)
Screws and nuts
Assembly instructions
Delivery time 2 weeks 4 to 6 weeks
Price (gross) 140 × 200 cm
500 € 140 × 200 cm
1200 € + 300 € + 400 €
160 × 200 cm
160 × 200 cm
1300 € + 330 € + 440 €
180 × 200 cm
180 × 200 cm
1400 € + 360 € + 480 €
200 × 200 cm
200 × 200 cm
1500 € + 390 € + 520 €
Oiled Rounded

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